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Taking a

We treat more than just your addiction. We take care of your physical,
mental and emotional health to help you achieve long lasting recovery.

After Care
Case Management
Residential Treatment
Wound Care
Inpatient Acute Care
Environment1 Inpatient Acute Care

Environment is everything

Valley Forge is a licensed acute care hospital, providing 24-hour medical care for any physical or mental health conditions you may have, in addition to dependency issues.

Our inpatient acute care provides hospital level treatment in a soothing, healing environment that promotes wellness, spearheaded by compassionate, addiction specialists.

Environment is everything
Medical Recovery Unit Wound Care

When addiction
isn’t the only

At our hospital, we understand your primary concern may be your wounds and you may not yet be ready to go through the entire rehabilitation process just just yet, we take wound care seriously and are committed to providing effective treatment to help our patients heal as quickly and comfortably as possible. For wounds that require it, we may administer antibiotics through (IV) therapy to help fight infection and promote healing.

In addition, we understand that our patients may be experiencing pain related to their injury or due to other factors, such as drug use. Our team of medical professionals is trained to manage pain using a variety of techniques, including medication assisted treatment, and physical therapy

We work closely with our patients to develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses their individual needs and concerns, with a focus on achieving the best possible outcomes for their health and well-being.

IV Therapy

We treat disorders such as endocarditis, osteomyelitis, cellulitis, septicemia, and skin ulcers.

Wound Care

We handle injection related wounds, cardiac issues, venous stasis, stage II and some stage III pressure ulcers and skin & soft tissue abscesses.

Physical Therapy

Patients in need of physical therapy engage in hour-long sessions 2-3 times per week.

Medical Care

Clinicians manage care for patients with complications related to hepatitis C, diabetes and other conditions.

detox1 Detox

Hitting the
reset button

Detoxing lays the foundation for a lifetime of sobriety. The process is difficult and potentially dangerous if not managed properly. Valley Forge doctors and nurses are highly trained and experienced in detoxification.

Our physicians put together a plan specifically designed to help you get clean as comfortably as possible, managing your withdrawal symptoms with care. Our physicians utilize Suboxone, Methadone, and other medications to manage withdrawal symptoms and make the treatment process safer and more manageable.

Hitting the reset button
Medical Recovery Unit Residential Treatment

Learning to
love yourself

Our residential treatment program incorporates 12-step principles and evidence-based therapy modalities, such as Cognitive and Dialectical Behavior Therapy, to assist you in becoming the best version of yourself.

We help you come to terms with whatever it is that brought you here, give you tools to face and overcome your obstacles and guide you toward rebuilding damaged relationships.

Environment1 Case Management

Caring for every
aspect of your care

We know that recovery takes hard work, commitment and focus so we do everything possible to keep you on track. Our case managers take care of the paperwork, the insurance company and all the other details so you can concentrate on you.

From the moment you send that first email or place that first phone call to the moment you walk out our doors, we tend to the particulars, ensuring your time with us is well spent.

Environment is everything
Medical Recovery Unit Aftercare

your life isn’t
a solo mission

Facing family, friends and employers post recovery can be scary but with the tools and skills you learn at Valley Forge, you will have what you need to face life head on.

Our alumni programs offer support long after you’ve been discharged. With ongoing communication, reunions and events, you’ll always be connected to your Valley Forge family and we will always be there for you.