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Intensive Inpatient Services

Valley Forge Hospital and Medical Center in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, offers programs for clients requiring primary medical and nursing care in a hospital setting (known in the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) terms as Level of Care 4.0.) Valley Forge is a both Medicare and Medicaid approved facility, enabling us to treat the broadest range of the population possible.

Upon entering recovery, sometimes clients exhibit severe medical and emotional conditions that are most safely treated in a hospital setting. At Valley Forge, a team of addiction-credentialed doctors and nurses work together with highly skilled mental health professionals . This interdisciplinary approach addresses every element of the client’s well being, including any possible medical, emotional, and behavioral/cognitive issues.

The Valley Forge medically managed intensive inpatient program is focused on stabilizing our clients in a warm, safe, and comfortable environment. Physicians with strong backgrounds in addiction health are available 24 hours a day and involved in all treatment decisions.

Detoxification services are administered in this hospital setting as well. Withdrawal is managed, symptoms are eased, and clients are put in the very best position to heal and transition to sobriety.

As a licensed acute care hospital, VFMC is able to manage medical conditions of a more complex nature. Patients suffering from such conditions will receive 24 hour care along with services for their substance dependence.

For those battling addiction and concurrent medical or mental health conditions , the Valley Forge addiction hospital unit is the safest place to chart their first steps to a lasting recovery and return to a life filled with purpose.

Medical Recovery Unit

The Valley Forge Medical Recovery Unit (MRU) is a sub-acute unit within the hospital, providing general medical services for many physical ailments commonly found in people fighting addiction.

Clients who will often struggle to be admitted to skilled nursing facilities or sub-acute units because of their concurring battle with substance abuse disorder (SUD). Due to high risk of relapse, particularly for clients undergoing IV therapy, SNFs and conventional sub-acute facilities are not properly equipped to treat clients while still ensuring their progress in addiction recovery.

VFMC is perfectly positioned to extend sub-acute medical care while treating concurrent addiction and substance dependence. We are uniquely qualified to treat these conditions while ensuring the safety of those dealing with other addiction related issues and welcome clients needing these services.

Conditions treated in the MRU include the following:

  • IV Therapy – treatment of disorders such as endocarditis, osteomyelitis, cellulitis, septicemia, and skin ulcers (requiring 2 to 6 weeks of continued nursing care.)
  • Wound Care/Dressings – surgical wounds, venous stasis ulcers, skin and soft tissue abscesses, Stage II and some Stage III pressure ulcers.
  • Physical Therapy – patients requiring up to 2-3 hours/week of PT
  • Ongoing Medical/Nursing Management – patients with complications related to hepatitis C, diabetes, and other debilitating conditions.


When a person is dependent on addictive substances , initial abstinence is often met with withdrawal. Besides the serious discomfort this creates, withdrawal can be dangerous when not done in the proper setting and with expert care.

Because of the risks involved, detox should never be attempted alone. At Valley Forge, expert medical and clinical care administered with compassion and empathy is our calling card. Patients are guided through the detox process safely, with our team doing everything possible to ease symptoms and make clients as comfortable as humanly possible.

The wellbeing of our clients is our absolute primary focus. A skilled nursing team is on hand around the clock and decision making is led by physicians with strong backgrounds and expertise in addiction health.

Detox is foundational to lasting recovery. At Valley Forge Hospital and Medical Center in Pennsylvania, those foundations are laid with the greatest care, paving the way to building a sustainable life of recovery.

Residential Treatment

The Valley Forge addiction treatment residential program in Pennsylvania is community-based with a strong emphasis on the knowledge that each person’s pathway to recovery is unique. In our group and individual sessions, clients are guided to identify the underlying realities that have contributed to their addictions, discover the depth of their personal experiences, and develop the skills and tools they need to create a sustainable pathway to recovery, all their own.

12 step principles are integrated into treatment plans, as well as evidence-based therapy modalities such as Cognitive and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT and CBT). Focus is placed on building a supportive recovery community of peers traveling similar journey as well as healing relationships with loved ones.

As part of the Avenues Recovery family, Valley Forge Hospital and Medical Center is built on a philosophy that has proven itself across the country and has provided real hope, growth, and healing to hundreds of individuals and their families.

Real lasting recovery starts at Valley Forge!

Case Management Team

At Valley Forge Hospital and Medical Center, we understand the sacrifice and laser focus it takes to embark on recovery. Our case management team will remove all possible distractions from our clients so they can find peace and serenity in the work of recovery.

This includes communication with employers, navigating any possible legal entanglements, understanding insurance benefits and everything in between.

At Valley Forge, on our beautiful and sprawling campus, every effort is made to create the peace of mind needed to create real change and and way forward to a meaningful and productive life.


Returning to real life after completing treatment can be intimidating. Clients will be challenged to retake responsibilities of careers and families while facing old temptations and possible relapse triggers. With the newly developed skills and tools learned while in treatment and the continued support of the Valley Forge family they are equipped to succeed.

Our alumni program keeps everyone within arms reach of the supportive relationships built in our programs. Communication, reunions, and events are always happening. Most importantly, the knowledge of an always available listening ear will have our clients thriving long after they leave the Valley Forge Hospital and Medical Center Campus.

Every person who comes through our doors has a permanent place in our hearts and is a member of our community forever!

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