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something incredible
is waiting to be known

That somewhere is here and that something is your future. At Valley Forge, we welcome you with open arms, no judgment, and a commitment to helping you overcome your addiction and transition to a new you. Our 4-step process is designed to help you achieve success.

Four steps,

Your care plan is yours, customized to help you achieve the best possible outcome. Private therapy focuses on your individual needs, helping you overcome your obstacles. Group sessions allow you to build relationships, learn from the experiences of others and become accountable.

Hitting the reset button

Darkness exists
to make light

Addiction isn’t always rooted in the feelings drugs or alcohol create, but rather in the feelings one is trying to squash. We get to the crux of your addiction, cut through the darkness and help you see the light in your life.

Total care from
the inside out

Many try to self medicate their depression, anxiety or mental illness without success. On the flip side, addiction can make these issues worse, creating a vicious cycle of abuse. At Valley Forge, we understand dual diagnosis and treat all of you, not just your addiction.

Hitting the reset button