Our process

Our Process

When you entrust Valley Forge
with your wellbeing,
you are not a patient —
you are an equal partner.

Every person looking for help with addiction is unique.
Our trained specialists know what to look for and which questions to ask. Background, history of use, treatment history and helpful anecdotal information are all relevant.

Respect and empathy guide all our conversations with prospective patients and their families. From the moment of first contact, the staff at Valley Forge Medical Center build a relationship founded on trust.
The intake evaluation is an interview that helps place you in a program best suited to your needs.
You’ll meet with a medical professional and an addiction counselor who will review your financial circumstances, medical history, current health, and substance use patterns.

We understand that struggling with substance abuse may feel shameful and it may be tempting to omit details or lie about your level of usage. Yet, a false or misleading picture of your habits can impede progress. It may even needlessly prolong treatment. Please help yourself by being completely open and honest from the start. Valley Forge staff is here for only one reason. We want to give you the best chance of success. Everything you share is to your benefit and held in strictest confidence.
We know the first day can be overwhelming and scary, yet we’re excited to get started on a journey full of promise.
You will be warmly welcomed by our caring staff who will help you get smoothly settled in.

Patients requiring detox will initially be met by a licensed therapist and medical professional. Our team of doctors will keep a close watch for 24 hours and address any concurrent medical issues. In response to your drug and/or alcohol withdrawal, our staff will make sure you are safe and comfortable.

If you don’t need detoxification, we will tour the facility together to help you get familiar with your new surroundings. We encourage you to ask any questions you may have so that you can integrate into treatment with clarity and support.

In Treatment

All residential patients take part in private and group therapy sessions, and a variety of recreational activities. Enjoy access to our state-of-the-art fitness facilities, yoga, and meditation sessions. 

Patients also meet in three gender-specific groups each week. Group therapy includes discussions on a wide range of ideas and gives patients the opportunity to build strong relationships while working as a team. Each member learns from the experiences and strengths of the group, while cultivating a peer support network that demands accountability for your actions going forward. Modalities include art therapy, role playing, music therapy, educational seminars, fitness activities, and 12-step discussions.

Exploration of spirituality is a significant element of recovery. Through work with your team at Valley Forge Medical Center, program literature, and holistic practices including meditation, you will have daily opportunities to connect with a higher power.

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Dual Diagnosis

In many cases, addiction isn’t the only problem.

Addiction isn't the only problem.

It is common for substance addicts to experience other health conditions at the same time, such as depression or anxiety, and therefore integrated care is needed to address both conditions comprehensively.

Expert treatment is the solution.

Sometimes one condition worsens or contributes to another. Drugs or alcohol, for example, might be used to cope with symptoms of mental illness. On the other hand, substance abuse can exacerbate mental illness. When these two issues are not addressed, a person is more likely to experience relapse.

VFMC is the perfect place.

Here at Valley Forge Medical Center, dual diagnosis treatment is based on the individual’s needs and preferences. Our goal is for patients to maximize the benefits we offer, and receive comprehensive care that may combine medication and behavioral therapies to achieve recovery.