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In the rehabilitation phase of treatment, patients are taught the necessary tools to maintain a sober lifestyle. A variety of treatment methodologies are applied and include group therapy, individual counseling, family education & counseling, psychoeducational sessions, expressive arts and 12 step meeting.

Hospital Level Rehab (4B or 3.7R)

This level of care meets the needs of patients who require 24-hour medically directed evaluation, care and treatment for addiction and coexisting conditions. Medically managed treatment provides a more intensive regimen of care for serious health conditions, and utilizes the full resources of a multidisciplinary treatment team. Because we are licensed as an acute care hospital, VFMC is able to manage medical conditions of a more complex nature in our 4B program. 

Residential Level Rehab (3B or 3.5R)

This level of care is essentially a “step down” from hospital-based treatment. Patients placed in medically-monitored residential treatment require inpatient, 24-hour professionally directed case, however, this level of care is appropriate for individuals whose addiction symptomatology is demonstrated by moderate impairment.