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The Medical Recovery Unit or MRU Program is a sub-acute unit designed to provide the following treatment:

Valley Forge Medical Center is licensed to provide both general medical services and addiction medicine. The MRU is a Medical Unit not an addiction or mental health unit. The program is staffed by both skilled nursing personnel and behavioral health specialists. In addition to physical therapy, addiction treatment, expressive arts, and recreational activities, the hospital provides health education and on-site, community AA/NA meetings, should a patient wish to attend.

Patients with behavioral health problems who are generally not admitted to sub-acute units or skilled nursing facilities may be admitted to the MRU unit. The hospital is also approved to dispense methadone for patients in narcotic maintenance programs. This is something many skilled nursing facilities are not licensed to provide.

Excluded from admission:

Psychiatric Criteria Precluding Admission: VFMC does not provide emergency or acute psychiatric treatment. We are not able to manage: patients with suicidal or homicidal ideation/ plan; psychotic patients refusing medications; or, individuals with moderate to severe organic mental syndrome.

Each patient case is unique; we will determine approval for admission on a case-by-case basis.

To refer a patient, please call Admissions 610-539-8500 and/or Fax medical records to 610-539-0666. Or Patients may be referred through the Internet via

For questions prior to submission for admission call 610-539-8525 Linde Lepera ext 334