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Detoxification from drugs and alcohol at VFMC is the process of withdrawing from the physical effects of substance abuse in a safe environment, while minimizing physiological and psychological risk to the patient. Medications are administered by physicians and nurses according to individual symptomatology. Every attempt is made to keep patients comfortable. Although education and counseling is provided, detoxification is only the first step in recovery from drugs and alcohol. Further tools are needed to learn how to maintain sobriety. A referral to further inpatient treatment for rehabilitation at VFMC or outpatient services is strongly recommended.

Hospital Level Detox (4A or 4.0D)

Patients accepted into this level of care are in need of 24-hour medically directed evaluation and treatment, provided in an acute care setting. These patients have acute withdrawal problems (with or without biomedical and/or emotional/behavioral problems) which are severe enough to require inpatient medical services. Because we are licensed as an acute care hospital, VFMC is able to manage medical conditions of a more complex nature in our 4A program. 24-hour physician availability and primary nurse care and observation are provided. Once stabilized, patients may be referred to inpatient rehabilitation or outpatient services.

Residential Level Detox (3A or 3.7D)

This level of care provides medically monitored detoxification services in a residential setting. Inpatient, 24- hour professionally directed evaluation and treatment is required, however hospital level care or medical management of addiction and coexisting disorders is not needed.