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Biofeedback & Chronic Pain Treatment at VFMC

Biofeedback is a type of therapy which uses equipment to monitor physical processes like muscle tension, hand temperature and heart rate to teach awareness of the interaction of the body and the mind. One goal is to achieve deep levels of relaxation and physical awareness. Biofeedback is effective to decrease chronic pain and is recommended to be used along with other medical and psychological therapies.

A second goal of biofeedback therapy is for the patient to continue improvement on their own, without the equipment. To accomplish this, patients are asked to practice listening to a relaxation CD and write down their responses on a daily basis. Most patients at Valley Forge Medical Center and Hospital participate in heart rate variability biofeedback for 1 to 3 sessions. Since 12 or more sessions are recommended, the staff will assist the patient to complete their training with a certified biofeedback therapist as part of their discharge planning.

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