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Valley Forge Medical Center and Hospital inc.

Making a Referral

The admissions process at Valley Forge Medical Center can be initiated by filling out our online form, or by calling 610.539.8500. An admissions counselor will obtain your clinical history and arrange your admission date with you.

In order to facilitate the admission process, the following information is helpful:

Medical records will be requested from referring hospitals and may be faxed to 610-539-0666. A history & physical, medication administration record, progress notes, labs, tests and consults are helpful.

For individuals referred to our chronic pain program, Breakthrough, medical records related to the injury or disease process are also requested and may be faxed to 610-539-0666. A family session on admission is recommended. For more information on the pain program please contact Linde Lepera at 610-539-8525 ext. 334.

At some point during the admissions process, we will ask to speak directly to the person being referred to our inpatient program.

After collecting the necessary information and verifying insurance, we will contact you regarding the authorization process, and your financial responsibility, if any.